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IMC’s to set up Kiosks to end Plastic bags!

Ban plastic bag

Indore Municipal Corporation  has failed to end plastic bags usage  in the City. the people of Indore at still using plastic bags to buy vegetables and other groceries or products in the City therefore to end this IMC has decided  to setup up kiosks at vegetable markets.  The citizens will purchase cloth bags from the kiosks  and purchase vegetables.

The IMC  officials in their major research found that even after a complete ban on plastic bags  still vendors are using plastic bags. The vendors told that when they tried to stop selling vegetables in plastic bags or stop providing plastic bags to the customers they either lost customers or  Had to offer eco-friendly bags which were very costly and did not fit in their budget.

Therefore this initiative will urge the people of Indore  to start bringing their own cloth bags and those who don’t can purchase it from the kiosks  and by vegetables. This decision will help IMC  to put a complete stop on sellers, vendors  and customers from using plastic bags and will help to reduce the usage of plastic bags in the city. 

The bags will be made  up of cloth material.

The price decided by Indore Municipal Corporation of these  cloth bags will range from 5 to 20 rupees.

The IMC officials quoted that they will first implement  this strategy on a trial basis in the major vegetable markets in the City such as Malwa Mill, Pipliyahana, Patnipura Mandi, Kushwaha Nagar Man.

This apparently prompted IMC officials to look for a permanent solution to stop the usage of banned plastic bags.