All work and no fun makes Jack & Jennie dull.
Yes, there are so many Jacks and Jennies in the city who are exhausted from their work and want some recreation for the weekends.
With the coming of MNC’s in Indore, they have brought the culture of nightlife as well. People after their tiring week prefer to go out on weekends. It can be a small picnic vacation or a movie else stepping into a pub where they just have to forget themselves and jump on the dance floor and dance till it breaks.
Indore has got many pubs in recent years. These are some famous pubs Pitchers, Sosha, O2 (Best Westing), Misfit, Afterhours, Tik tac toe, Misfit, Glazz, Quinch Yard, Hangover, Mustang, Calypso, Trans, Crosswind.
If you find yourself stressed this weekend you may step in any of them. For sure your work will be fine on Monday.

We got this map of Indore for you with spotting the pubs. You’ll find it easy to reach there and enjoy your weekend.
If you find any name missing on it let us know. We’ll update it.