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The struggle of a boy from nothing to a Photographer!!!

Struggle to success

Everyone has a dream… I had one..!! To become a commercial pilot and rule the sky..!! Even I started attending aviation classes..!! My Uncle is Senior Captain in AIR INDIA INTERNATIONAL & brother is captain in EMIRATES. I was good in Maths and physics… but in Hindi, there’s a phrase, दोनो हाथों में कभी लड्डू नहीं मिलता,.!!

I was good at Maths and Physics but poor in Chemistry..!! When my 10th board result came, I was upset because I scored best in Maths and Physics but passed through the boundary in Chemistry..!! After discussing with family, the conclusion was critical for me..!! I have to choose Commerce instead of science..!! I always remember that night..!!

The whole night I was crying and blaming god why it always happens to me. And next morning, I dressed up my self, went to school and choose COMMERCE instead of Science. That day changed my whole life…!!! It feels like all your dreams are flushing down in Gutter. But there’s also a phrase in HINDI, जब एक  दरवाज़ा  बंद  होता है  तो  अपने  आप एक  दूसरी  खिड़की खुल जाती है।Same happened with me. One day I took my camera ( unofficially mine ) and clicked a photograph of bird feeding her chicks .!! And randomly I send that photo to a photography contest & fortunately I’m the second runner up in that contest.

I was happy. After a few days, I did something which completely changed my dream. I was always eager to know what happens inside a machine. And on that day, to know how a camera works, I opened my camera and saw there are 2 mirrors which create an opposite reflection on each other to help us to capture an image. And from that day, my Interest in Camera was born. That’s a different thing that my mom shouted on me for this, but ya, that day was completely different. After then, My new journey starts. I read books, watched videos on YouTube, read articles by famous photographers on google. And then I prepared my complete notes on PHOTOGRAPHY. After that, I took pictures to send it to contest and fortunately I won enough money to buy my own camera. And CANON EOS 1200D was the first camera that I bought with my money. After that, this trend continued. And after 1 year I bought another Camera which was CANON 80D.

I think this camera was my lucky charm. One day, I saw a film making contest organized by Hon’ble PM sir. And I randomly took part in that competition. I made a film known as SOOCH ( सोच) and send it to the contest. And my film was selected. And then my interest in CINEMATOGRAPHY has risen.! Then I learned many things of cinematography and I make some films and few of them was nominated in film festivals ( MIFF, GIFF, etc )..!

Then I joined a theatre group and met some great artists and worked with them. Even I work in theatre as well. Then I met some people and because of them, I got a chance to attend an Internship in some production houses. I did my internship in BHABHIJI GHAR PR HAIN, JEEJAJI CHAT PR HAIN, KAAL BHAIRAV EK RAHASYA, etc. I was the Junior Asst. Cinematographer. Then I came back and did ADVANCE COURSE IN PHOTOGRAPHY, DIGITAL FILM MAKING along with my B.com..!

I worked with well-known photographers and Cinematographers. After gaining 6 years of experience in this field, now I started my own Video Blogging series on YouTube from last month. I think, CAMERA, ACTING, THEATRE, SOUND, are part of my daily routine. Without having this, it feels like my day was incomplete. In the end, I just wanna say,  जो होता हैअच्छे के लिए होता है..! 

YouTube Channel:-SpecsBoy Journey

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