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Father’s Birthday turned into an exotic Singapore Cruise Trip!!!

Singapore Trip Enjoyment

Our first day at Singapore started with the exotic Cruise to Malasia where we experienced the coolest ice skating, Light show, Jakusi Bath, Flow Rider, also experienced with Mountain climbing within the cruise itself. The experience was amazing and I and my family enjoyed each second to its fullest.

Coming to Malaysia brought us to the botinical garden where we also visited the unique upside-down museum with so many exciting g and unseen things🥰.
Since we just had less of time we again boarded the amazing cruise again and enjoyed the night stay visiting the bar and experiencing different views.
The next morning we had reached THAILAND.
After reaching Thailand we had 1 and a half day so we visited different places like Patong beach, Bangla street road and Pattaya city for a while which made me spend quality time with my family.
Then next day again we all boarded the exotic cruise to get back to Singapore.
While traveling to Singapore we had utilized the whole of our time in different activities there on the cruise. It was the best time of my life. Experiencing the …….cruise and also shopping inside the cruise itself. Having midnight club was just a cherry to the ice cream. We all enjoyed a lot and experienced almost all the activities there on the cruise.
The next morning i.e., 12 May I reached Singapore and we were fully ready to explore the place.

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