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5 Major Travel Essentials!!

Travel essentials

1. Good Earphones

Earplugs ensure one has some people of mind in cramped spaces. During a trip, you do not get to choose who seats by you. That is something that is up to fate. You may find yourself seated to a noisy baby or among friends talking about topics you do not know. It can be quite a drag for you. It is the perfect chance for you to alone with your thoughts. Turn your music on and be lost in your world.

2.Sleeping Mask

India can be quite loud, as you’ve probably read. Not only are trains and buses noisy (there is a habit here or playing YouTube videos and music from cell phones out loud, without headphones), but guesthouses often have sounds of horns, dogs fighting, people yelling the item they are selling loudly in Hindi… it can be hard to sleep. These take up no space and you’ll use them every night.

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3.Comfortable Shoes

Of course, you’ll want a great pair of shoes to wear for every day walking. Everyone’s feet are different so think about what you wear in real life. Do you wear Converse every day? Toms? Don’t go crazy trying to buy a “travel” shoe. Personally, I like to wear Sketchers and Nike as travel sandals when I’m doing intense sight-seeing but when I want to look cute, I wear leather sandals and like brands like H & M, and Forever 21.

4.Portable Charger

With more and more travel essential gadgets requiring charging, it’s little wonder that people are turning to portable battery packs to help fill the power gap when traveling. Be aware that not all battery packs are created equal in build, quality or price. Below I’ve listed 5 of the most common and widely regarded best chargers on the market at multiple price points. We carry several portable battery packs when we travel, including traditional and solar-powered types. We use them for charging phones, Kindles, Nintendo DS, even laptops on the road. If your travel plans involve long journeys or locations and countries where power availability will be an issue, you should most certainly be investing in portable battery packs.

5.Travel Pillow

Whether you’re in the window, aisle or dreaded middle seat, a new generation of innovative travel pillows means that it’s finally possible to get first-class sleep at the back of the plane. 

Travel neck pillows are useful, of course. It could help keep your head and neck supported while traveling, improving comfort and safety and getting a good nights sleep. Travel pillows can help to make your traveling experience less stressful and less painful. There is a variety of pillows to suit your needs. U shaped pillows are very popular for relief on the road as well as lounging at home. This ergonomic u-shaped design is perfect for cradling the head, neck, and shoulders.

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