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Phooti Kothi – Indore Heritage neglected and trashed

Phooti Koti

Phooti Kothi – Indore Heritage neglected and trashed

Phooti Kothi is a Palace-like structure that stands tall on Sukhniwas Road. It is the only incomplete architecture from the Holkar era but contains all its beauty and has its own legacy. There have been many rumours about this building being haunted and cursed that it will never get completed and its roof will never be built and many believe this curse to be the reason for its incompletion.

The construction for Phooti Kothi was started by King Shivaji Rao Holkar in the year 1886. He wanted to make a building that could attack the British cantonment in Mhow but the British got wind of this information through their secret informers and they obstructed its construction before Shivaji Rao Holkar could get what he wanted. And that’s why its name is Phooti Kothi as it was never finished.

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The construction continued for 16 years and is proof of the strong craftsmanship of that era as it still stands tall in 2020, over 100 years after the construction was stopped. The Kothi has around 300 locked rooms in its basement. Many temples dedicated to various Hindu Gods and Goddesses were developed in the basement as well. The Kothi also has a cowshed.

The place is open for all with no security present to guard the Kothi’s premise, which has resulted in people breaking in and trashing this grand building. Beer cans and ​liquor ​bottles can usually be found dumped in the heritage building.