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A mysterious Great Wall in M.P. !!

Great wall of India

In the heart of Madhya Pradesh, in the very center of India, stands out a huge stone wall that’s strange, as partitions move. It runs directly into parts, zig-zags wildly in others, branches or stops away where you expect. Some sections tower in 15 ft; others are only a very low stretch of rubble.

History fans are calling it the Great Wall of India, also if it does operate for 80 km since they guess (many segments still need to be excavated), it might well be India’s longest fortification and, worldwide, next only to China’s. Locals, but refer to it only as’diwaal’, a construction that has been in the back of their villages, and the back of their minds, for as long as anyone can remember.

The barrier stands halfway between Bhopal and Jabalpur, stretching from the tiny township of Gorakhpur-Deori into Chokigarh in Chainpur Bardi from the Raisen district. It cuts through Vindhya valleys, teak forests, langur domain names, and wheat areas. At one stage, it is interrupted with a 20-year-old dam.

Everywhere it belongs, surprises follow along. Discovered so far are ruins of long-abandoned dwellings, debris out of glorious artifacts, fragments of sculptures, step wells, a pond along with southern banks, chemicals, stairs, and strange snake insignias. Experts say we have just scraped the surface of its secrets.

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