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The best pre-wedding shoot location in Indore

pre-wedding shoot in Indore

A pre-wedding shoot is one of the most exciting parts of a wedding, a chance for you to capture your memories with your special someone before the wedding. It is that special part of your life that you are going to look back for the rest of your life.

The trend of a pre-wedding shoot is loved by brides and grooms. Most couples, on this day, opt for getting a pre-wedding photoshoot done at various beautiful locations. Are you also looking for a romantic pre-wedding shoot near Indore?

Then, we bring you an exotic and scintillating pre-wedding shoot location: Go-AA-Malwa-Farm Like a Resort which is just 30 minutes away from the city and is situated on a lakeside. They have different setup themes all in one place, which means you can get your dream shoot done very easily with your fiancé without going to another location.

Fancy a tropical landscape on the lakeside with a backdrop of beautiful blue sky above you? Get away from the chaos of the city amidst nature at Go-AA-Malwa Farms.

Capture love in its purest form as you cruise around in a rustic boat on the beautiful lake at Go-AA-Malwa Farms. A candid shot at this magical and serene place will complete your pre-wedding album.

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Captivating, surreal, and refreshingly romantic, the magnificent beauty of Go-AA-Malwa Farms perfectly brings out the tropical love that every couple so strongly feels. The lush green lawns will make for the perfect backdrop for your photographs. Make the greenery around Go-AA-Malwa Farms your props and capture beautiful moments with the love of your life.

What sets us apart from every other resort or hotel is the splendid view from our Panoramic Skybridge! It is a dream come true for couples who want a mix of a beautiful view, love, and romance in their pre-wedding moments. So, walk hand-in-hand with your love on the sky bridge of Go-AA-Malwa Farms.

If you’re looking to bring out the heart-pumping, adventure-loving side in your relationship, then you have found your place! Here we at Go-AA-Malwa Farms have adventure-themed pre-wedding shoot just for your sports-loving partner.

A pre-wedding shoot without a swimming pool is incomplete! Dip your toes in the water, share a fun moment, splash water at your partner, and capture that candid shot in the camera at our poolside at Go-AA-Malwa Farms. It is sure to become one of your favorites!

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Bonfire and camping are best for night pre-wedding photoshoot. With a setup like ours at Go-AA-Malwa Farm and a whole lot of romance, how can it not look gorgeous? We provide stay and overnight pre-wedding shoots also.

The perfect scenery, perfect pose, and the perfect couple are sure to make some beautiful memories you can look back at. Perfect for both day and night shoots, this place has a magical aura around it that certainly shows when you look through the camera lens.

Plan your perfect pre-wedding photoshoot now and turn it into an amazing experience you’d never forget, only at Go-AA-Malwa farms.
We have cottage suites for you to get ready and get dressed in your many different attires.
Safe, Sanitized, & Secure premises and services.
Congratulations on taking the next step in your relationship! We hope to become a part of your beautiful love.
To enquire about our pre-wedding Packages and bookings, please contact us on: +91 9589612981
Visit us at: Go-AA-Malwa Farms, Gram- Dharnavad, Post- Kalariya, Teh- Dist, Indore (M.P.)