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Pushp Tea- refreshing the mornings of Indore since 1980

Pushp Tea

Since its inception in 1980, Pushp Tea became a household name in Indore and other cities of Madhya Pradesh by providing various blends of tea and coffee. Started by Mr Arun Jain who has tea-tasting experience of many years under his name, Pushp Tea has gained immense credibility amidst its customers over the decades.

His son Mr Romil Jain followed his father’s footsteps and expanded the family business, and the new concept of customized tea was brought into focus. This made Pushp one of the most favoured brands in the state.

 Pushp Tea

Pushp has great taste, quality, and customization as its pillars and has been providing a wide variety of tea and coffee blends to its customers. With over 150 dealerships in Madhya Pradesh, their booming business makes sure to keep the quality and flavours of its products intact.

Amongst the plethora of products that Pushp offers, some of the most prominent ones are tea leaves, black tea, green tea, chocolate tea, green coffee, green coffee beans, and green coffee bean powder. For all those customers who are looking for some extra flavours in their tea, Pushp provides over 30 customized blends of tea based on the preference of their customers.

Providing tea with 10% stronger leaves at affordable prices makes Pushp Tea the leading brand in the economy segment. The best thing about Pushp Tea is its flexibility of products; they offer everything, from packaged tea to loose tea, tea boxes or tea bags and flavoured tea, etc. Works on the dealership model and is mainly providing services in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

On the topic of whether the Pushp will expand to other states of the country, Mr Romil Jain said that when the tea is manufactured in bulk it becomes extremely difficult to maintain a certain level of quality and taste that Pushp is known for, hence they try to maintain their standards through limited production, prioritizing quality above everything.

In the era where everyone wants to build their own business, there are visionaries like Mr Romil Jain who believes that if you have the option of expanding your family business, you should never pass up an opportunity to do so. “The experience of your predecessors would give you space to take the already established brand to new heights with your vision and modern approach. Always remember, no work is big or small.”

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Pushp Tea has become a common name among households due to its economical prices and variety. They also offer blends specific for Cafés and restaurants, a different one for corporate purposes, etc, which varies in taste, smell, and colour. The aroma of Pushp tea leaves is undoubtedly unique to each tea lover, making it loved and preferred by the masses.