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Indori !How an Engineering graduate became a famous photographer

Indori !How an Engineering graduate became a famous photographer

It all started in Indori as I was messing up in 11th standard after taking PCM. It wasn’t just meant for me, it felt. But since I had no chosen other field I got into an engineering college in my own city. That was the time, my love for pictures grew even stronger.

From clicking friends, going on photowalks with them early morning and giving them some good profile pictures to getting my first paid assignment, it was a journey to remember. Consistency is what I think is important in any field and it is exactly what got me where I am.

Quality work is something people book us for, but how we are with the clients is what stays with them for long. It’s these basic things that can make you or break you. Belonging to a service class background and entering a business line was sure tough for me, but then, when you are in the game, you start to understand things like, quoting your product, marketing the same, building a clientele etc etc.

You have to be there in the picture constantly, you have to continuously make efforts, big or small, to be in the game, you have to work daily. And when you are working for yourself, there is no bed or bedroom, every thing is work place. There is no sunday and there are no friends. But since you are doing what you love, you know you will survive. Just make sure you still try to strike a balance somehow to keep your sanity intact.

How Photography started:

When I started there weren’t many Photographers or candid wasn’t a very common term. Atleast not to me and in my circle.
I saw this Facebook page of this stranger Turned friend turned online mentor and instantly fell in love with Photography.

How I got my first camera:

When you are a teenager you really don’t know. At one point you want a guitar, at other you may be want to learn dance. You have board exams and competitive preparation. And the pressure of choosing the not easy but defined path of engineering/doctor/ CA!

Class 11th 12th were the lows of my life. I was good in creative art but not consistent. And since I didn’t know anything else I chose to become an engineer like everyone else.

The Photography happened to me as told in first para, and then there was no going back. From clicking pictures with digicam at home to after one year of serious practice my sister buying me a slr, it was a happy journey.

How from passion to profession?

I believe Photography is something that the more you practice the better you become.
But to go professional you need to know from where to start. How to price. How to sound professional. How to make business of art.
I didn’t know. Trust me.
I didn’t.

Out of sheer curiosity to learn, I started assisting Photographers. Those I knew, those whom I connected and conformed me to join in their shoots.
I would hold lights for them but
What I learn was how they were with their clients. How they dealt with them. How they chose locations. How one makes to this level.

How I got my first shoot?




Word of mouth is the most important thing that works in here. So as I did free shoot of my friends, for my experience, it also worked as promotional activity. Their new display pictures on FB acted as my marketing. People started coming, asking me for my packages.

My paid shoots:

It wasnt like I started getting regular shoots. Having no experience people wouldn’t pay too.
So initially it was like 2 months and just one shoot.

But that’s where consistency comes in. Do not stop practicing. My 3.5 years of engineering life was studying and goin to coll on weekdays and working on weekends.

What was the major tough decision?
At the end the final year, I had to choose between 9 to 5 job which had stability and a good income

To a very vague, no clear line, Photography filed full time.

And after much contemplattion I chose the latter.

And yes, my parents weren’t that happy with my decision intially.

But I was firm..and when you are firm, when you 100% in, things will happen For good. Since I created a base in college, it was a little easier for me to get projects after college. People atleast knew me in indore. After 4 years I am still in this field. Happy and content.

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