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AHHANA – Upcoming Indore Singing Sensation


My real name is AnuShree Kapoor.

  • Got humiliated by the school music teacher, in grade 9th, for wanting to be the main vocalist of the songs,was told that my vocals can only ever fit in the backup vocal group and I shall never dream of singing as a main vocalist.
  • quit singing in school events after humiliation.
  • Began working harder on my voice.
  • Thought of trying one more time and decided to come up with the stage name AHHANA.
  • Ahhana is the bold side of my personality,she knows her power and she uses it to deliver it well to her audience.
  • Covered and uploaded the famous “Crazy In Love” song by Beyoncè from the movie, “Fifty Shades of Grey “, in the year 2013.

Received average responses from other artists and was told to stop dreaming about wanting to try to change the culture here as the city wouldn’t accept my talent and that the city will only appreciate classical, Bollywood.

  • No music institute in the city was offering the vocal training I wanted. Only classical music was appreciated in the city.
  • Started my college and Chartered Accountancy Course in 2016 and remained a Bathroom singer untill graduation. Feared going on the stage and showcase my talent.
  • After Fighting the fears of rejection and disapproval, started making short Smule Videos for Instagram to make myself feel connected to music in a way.
  • Created a tiny audience on Instagram who appreciated my talent.
  • After continuing this for about a month,
    I took a chance and started approaching clubs/cafes for a trial gig.
  • Almost all the clubs refused since they didn’t think it was “legit” and that nobody would listen to it.
  • Only one Club agreed, Tic Tac Toe,Indore.
    They considered my request and gave me a trial gig, listened to my work and the owner,JayDeep Kukreja ( JD ) was very impressed by my work.
  • I was too afraid to hold the mic again.
  • To get rid of my fear, the owner listed my name in the list of participants who were participating in the Talent Buzzer organized by Indori Artist in May,2019 at Tic Tac Toe.
  • The only problem? My parents didn’t support this. AND, my IPCC exam was due the next day.. yeah. Though the results are out now and I failed by 9 marks.. yeah,pretty close. It pinches me too.
  • I showed up,watched other Amazing rappers like Dukki Banna and Saumi Rapper perform so flawlessly.. the kind of fearless I wish I were at that moment.
  • I turned my back on the whole event and was really about to leave until my name was announced and JD supported me alot to give it a try.
  • that was the moment I realized that .. this is it.
  • this is the time.
    You’ll either sink.. or you’ll swim.

Either way? I’ll have the clarity.

What worst can happen?
They’d disapprove?
And they’d forget me in no time.

  • but.. after my performance…
    People loved it..

My work was appreciated,
People reshared my work.

They appreciated my talent my genre.

  • I got a call to work with other artists and record a song for the Artist Group Dastaan.live
  • shortly after this,I started getting bigger and better gigs.
  • Beer Fest,2019 by Indori Zayka, in which I was the only singer among 5 talented and top DJs of the town. It was a big opportunity.
  • Performed for Digicon at Marriott where the organizers especially requested for my performance.
    Who thought that a nobody like me would ever be requested by people so known and hard-working?
  • Was later told to switch to Hindi if I want to maintain my “vibe” .
  • I instead decided to switch it up,
  • I began Rapping and became the only woman in town which Raps.
  • And now I’m known as the Pop singer and Rapper of the City.
  • Don’t know where life will take me but here’s this one thing I would want to tell to everyone out there,
    Never.. let anyone decided what you can and can’t do.

They don’t know you the way you know yourselves.

They can’t tell you what your strengths and weaknesses are,only you can judge and correct it.

What you desire can be yours only if you believe in no one else but yourself.

Once you conquer the fear of rejection,
You enable yourself to take risks.
You prepare yourself to make the hardest choices of your life and strong enough to face any situation in your life.

Everything in this world is inside our brain,our thoughts.
What we think is what we deliver and develop.

Our thoughts shape our reality.

What we think is what we do,
What we do develops our habits,
Our habits define our future.

What we want to be begins from what we do today.

Everything in this world has a perspective of its own in our brains which in turn shapes us and our future and the best thing about all of this is,
The fact that our brain is in our control.

And if we can control it,
We can control the whole world.

Our own world.

Be your own person.

Elevate your thoughts,
Success follows.

If I didn’t fight my anxiety,fears of rejection,I would have been sitting at home singing behind the closed doors..
And the AHHANA you are aware of now would have never been out in the spotlight. (: