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A small land dispute leads to the murder of 3 family members of the town.

Land dispute ends with murder

The city revokes an astonishing story where three family members were found to be murdered over a rebellious land dispute. The incident took place in the Bhoran Talab Faliya village of Alirajpur where a man and his wife were forced to death during the late-night hours.
One of the surviving members, named Vikran Waskale of the family, tells police that while he is in deep sleep, his elder brother Dharmendra and his wife were also sleeping in the house same house, in the kitchen area adjacent to a nearby school where the attack took place around 1:45 am. Vikran witnessed six assailants who broke into the school and shorted his elder brother, while Shivani woke out of fear calling the other family members of the house for aid. But the attackers hacked Vikram’s father Lattu and mother Hajri brutally with an axe. Not only the mortal homicidal beheaded Lattu after he was killed and then ran away. Vikram says police that they rushed Dharmendra to the hospital were died due to his injuries.

The police corps of suspects Amar Singh Bhilala, a cousin of Hajri as the main culprit of the mishap. Later on, Vikram says that the fight over ancestral property has been going on for years. They even got a judicial judgment from the court in their favour, in the month of February after which they began cultivating the land. However, Bhilala continues to threaten the family which has led to such nefarious situation today.

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