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‘Kaagaz’ film review: A humorous take on serious issues

‘Kaagaz’ film review: A humorous take on serious issues

The story of ‘Kaagaz’ begins with Bharat Lal (Pankaj Tripathi), a bandmaster from 1977, who has his own shop. Bharat is happy and satisfied with his life but his wife, Rukmani (Monal Gujjar) wants more. She suggests him to take a loan on his shop. When Bharat approaches the Lekhpal to collect his ancestral land papers, we learn that his uncle bribed the Lekhpal and had him declared dead. From here on, his eighteen-year long struggle begins where Bharat has to prove that he is alive. Sadhuram Kevat (Satish Kaushik) becomes the advocate of ‘deceased’ Bharat Lal as he fights the system and loses all his savings in the process.

Satish Kaushik is a phenomenal director, the film seems perfectly paced and you keep wanting to watch it. The film starts with a narration by Salman Khan where he is saying his piece on the title ‘Kaagaz’. The film also ends with Salman’s voice-over. Even though the topic revolves around a serious issue but the film is filled with funny scenes, some laugh-out-loud sequences.

The movie is inspired by the real life story of ‘Lal Bihar Mritak’, who fought with the justice system for years to prove that he is alive. The screenplay, written by Imtiaz Hussian, is to-the-point, to be able to show the problem, focusing on politics while still keeping things light.

All the actors have done their best, although the entire film is on the shoulders of Pankaj Tripathi who lived up to everyone’s expectations. Pankaj and Monal’s chemistry is also pretty natural. The small role by Satish Kaushik is good, even the small scenes have become memorable. The story has progressed in his narration. Mita Vashisht’s role as an MLA leaves her impression till the end.

The folk music chosen by Pravesh Malik is apt according to the situation, showing the corruption in the government office and the woes of the common man.

This film is 1 hour and 45 minutes long and is a must-watch. ‘Kaagaz’ is a film that brings out the truth not only of past India but also of Modern India. It brings out how bribery is running rampant in government offices, how it ruins the lives of people.