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7 Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Advantages of Digital Marketing

7 Advantages of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing

Marketing is the act of engaging with potential customers, to persuade them to buy your product or services. It is a crucial aspect of any business that you can never ignore. Most entrepreneurs usually set aside a separate budget for their marketing alone. But in today’s world, a huge part of the population does everything online while another part does not know how to use the internet.

The world has been moving towards the digital era and businesses are taking advantage of the popularity of these digital platforms to promote their goods and services. Marketing is all about connecting with your potential customers and if your customers are online, this is where you should go.

The traditional modes of marketing involve the use of billboards, newspaper ads, radio ads, etc. As for Digital marketing, we have many online platforms like Social media platforms, email marketing, blogs, etc. with their own added advantages. Digital Marketing is primarily internet-based marketing aimed at selling goods or providing services using electronic media.

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1) Reduced cost
Newspaper ads, television ads, and other traditional modes of marketing cost a lot. But Online advertising does not. Nowadays, even young entrepreneurs with low funds can afford the marketing of their products or services.
This expands the scope of marketing to include all age groups and various sectors of society.

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2) Huge ROI
A better ROI or Return on Investment is the most important factor of any marketing strategy and Digital marketing offers a tangible return on small investments. Email marketing or ads run on social media platforms don’t cost as much when compared to traditional marketing techniques.

3) Measurability
It is easier to ascertain if your digital campaign is a success or not. While when you use traditional advertising methods, you have to wait weeks or months to evaluate how well your campaign did, but with a digital campaign, you can know almost immediately how your ad is performing.
There are many effective tools for measuring if your specific goals have been achieved or not. Most platforms have their own ‘insights’ page dedicated solely to this.

4) Shareability
Almost all digital marketing mediums have sharing capabilities so that your followers can share your campaign or post with their own followers. This helps to create a multiplier effect and can tremendously improve your marketing results.

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5) Segmentation
Digital Marketing, not only allows you to target specific customers, but it also gives you features for customer segmentation. You can break your customer groups into smaller ones according to a particular classification. This increases your sales potential while reducing costs.

6) Real-time results
With traditional marketing, you have to wait for weeks, sometimes even months to check if your ad campaign was a success to check if there’s been a boost in sales. But not with online marketing, here you can check everything in real-time. From checking the no. of visitors to how many people have clicked on your ad, everything is available to you.

7) Exposure
Digitization has turned the world into a global village where everyone is connected. With the help of Digital marketing, your advertising campaigns can appear in any part of the world. So, if you want to go global, you can. Thanks to the global nature of digital marketing, the internet became extremely successful in a short span due to many available opportunities for everyone.