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5 effective digital marketing tips you should try to increase sales

digital marketing tips

5 effective digital marketing tips you should try to increase sales


Digital marketing or online marketing is very much needed in today’s ‌digital era. It is essential for all types of businesses. Internet has made our lives easier and better. And we can now access almost anything through phone or laptop. From online shopping to ticket booking to bill payments, we can do anything online. And due to this trend of users shifting online, many businesses are adopting Digital Marketing to target their customers.

If we look at market stats, about 80% of shoppers do online research before buying any product or availing any service. Thus, digital marketing becomes important for any business.

1) Content Marketing
Competition on the internet has increased manifold since its inception. More than 20 lakh blog posts are being published every day which means that there is no shortage of content on the Internet.
Therefore, to make our content available to as many people as possible, we must market our content so that it reaches the people who need it.
Content marketing is used by businesses:
1) To grab people’s attention and sell them their products and services.
2) To increase their customer base.
3) To increase online sales.
4) To create a brand image.
5) To create an online community of people

Content marketing has various forms, from infographics to blogging to guides, all these can be directed towards consumers and readers alike. It also includes making YouTube videos to teach your audience about relevant topics.

2) Social Media Marketing
Social media has grown fastest than any other medium. And today there are more than 250 million users on various social media platforms, just in India. And you can’t ignore this big chunk of people.
At any given time you can find millions of people online. So, if you share or advertise yourself on social media, it will reach a lot of people.
Earlier, placing ads in the newspaper or TV, or using Posters were the only options for marketing. But with the inception of the Internet, it has become the best place for marketing your product.
By using social media platforms, you can receive multiple visitors and customers. For starters, look at these four major social media platforms; LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. All these platforms have different kinds of users, so you must find the right one for your brand and product. digital marketing tips

3) Email Marketing

Through Email Marketing, you can promote your own product or any other affiliate product easily and effectively. Email marketing is the best as its conversion rate is much higher than other marketing methods

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It is a very useful marketing technique for a business. Through email marketing, companies can share new information or their upcoming products with their customers which can create a buzz around it.
The first step to email marketing is to decide your purpose, what you want this to do? Is it to bring traffic to your website via email or you want to promote a product? When you know the goal, then you have to find the right keywords to use in the email. The subject line should be crisp and catching such that it attracts the attention of your subscriber.
You can also attach some images or video in the email to make it more attractive as well.

4) Webinars
We often see posts on social media about various types of webinars, organized by a company or a person. Webinars are usually organized for teaching or informing purposes and can be attended by anyone living anywhere in the world.
The biggest advantage of a webinar is that it doesn’t require a large space to incorporate the speaker and the audience. It is just like any seminar but online. Just as the audience can ask questions in an offline event, the same way, the feature of asking or messaging is also available in Webinar.
Apart from messaging, you also get the option of Voice Chat, so that you can talk to the host in real-time.

There is an option to create polls on many Webinar platforms, which can be used to fill out a survey to make your product or services more targeted.

5) Growth hacking
Growth hacking is the process of optimizing the entire marketing plan according to your audience. You test everything to see what works with your customers and what doesn’t, what piques their interest, so as to make better ads.
You can apply this technique to any digital marketing strategy. The best example of this is A/B testing. You can try out many different things, like a different headline or CTA and check which one your audience is responding favorably to.

You can also customize the heading or add the name of the person in your email to make personalize it more for your customers. You can also try out various keywords and check which one does better in real-time. digital marketing tips

Try these tips and let us know if it worked for you. Also, always stay on top of trends and keep incorporating new things in your digital marketing strategies. It’s a hit and trial method to see what is good for you and what strategy best supports your goal.