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Rains Claims To Be Lethal Mix For Madhya Pradesh’s Villages.

Heavy rainfall in indore

Sardar Sarovar Narmada dam is witnessing biggest overflow in its history so far measuring around 9 meters. The incessant rain is steadily rising the water level which leads to closure of the gates of the dam, located in neighboring Gujarat, the adjacent villages in Madhya Pradesh are facing the impacts as their homes are flooded.
Madhya Pradesh government authorities claim that 178 villages are being affected by submergence as Sardar Sarovar dam inches to full capacity. Several villages, including low-level areas, are primary affected. Dhar district, of MP is witnessing a hazardous situation where the officials claim the government has completed required land acquisition, compensation has been paid and people can approach existing mechanisms for grievance redressal.
Adding to the woes of village flooding, it was found that people are willingly vacating their houses, looking for a safer place. However National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) is taking rampant action for supporting the victims, helping them to come out of the situation.
NBA has estimated 32,000 affected people remain to be rehabilitated in Madhya Pradesh and demanded that the gates of the dam be kept open till the complete rehabilitation of all the affected people and the water level be maintained at a constant of 122 meters.
Prime minister would be marking his presence to inaugurate Sardar Sarovar Project on his birthday on September 17, the gates were closed to ensure that he sees the reservoir filled with water.
There has been no proper rehabilitation and most people are staying in submerged water which has entered their houses. One of the activists Himshi Singh, says that the water is flowing 5 feet above a bridge at Rajghat on the banks of Narmada and another bridge on the Baghni river in Nisarpur.
Condoling the affected victims we hope that the government takes firm action in resolving the situation and helps them in coping with the situation by availing them with proper relief benefits.

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