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Petrol prices reach Rs. 100 in India: How much it costs in other countries


The prices of petrol and diesel are increasing continuously in the country. It was being speculated for a long time that petrol in India would cross the double digits and hit a 100 soon and now it has, in some parts of the country. Today, the price of petrol has reached Rs. 100.07 per liter in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan.

The ever increasing price of petrol in our country has gone far ahead of our neighbor, Pakistan. Petrol is available in Pakistan at half the price of India. There customers have to pay only Rs. 51.14 for a liter of petrol and the price of petrol in China is Rs. 74.74 per liter.

While petrol prices in India are setting new records, there are some countries where the price of petrol is so low that you will be shocked to learn. Petrol prices in Venezuela is 1.45 rupees per liter. You can get a liter of Petrol in Iran for Rs. 4.50. Petrol is priced at Rs. 17.82 per liter in Angola, Rs. 25.15 per liter in Algeria, and Rs. 25.26 per liter in Kuwait.

As for our neighboring countries, petrol is available for Rs. 49.56 per liter in Bhutan, Rs. 51.14 per liter in Pakistan, Rs. 60.26 per liter in Sri Lanka, Rs. 68.98 per liter in Nepal, Rs. 76.41 per liter in Bangladesh. Currently, the price of petrol in the capital of India, Delhi today is Rs. 89.54 per liter.

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