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Obsolete conditions of books at DAVV central library.

One of the most renowned universities in the city, DAVV lacks the appropriate book facilities for students. Students claim that the books found in the university’s library are quite obsolete and outdated. Nearly 1000 teaching department students and other registered members are pressurizing the members to arrange appropriate study material for the updated version of books at the library.

This has become a major concern for students as they don’t find the appropriate study material and end up buying books from local merchants.
Students claim that as per their latest syllabus books are not updated, and it becomes very difficult for them to find an updated version of books in the Central Library. Books on topics like ethics, acts, human rights, missile technology are not available in their libraries and they have to end up buying them or borrowing them from their friends.
One of the university students says that most of the library books are extremely old and as the syllabus has been not updated due to long procedure and space constraints, we face a lot of issues as we don’t find several important updated topics. There are thousands of books and research materials which are of are of no use anymore since the versions are of the 80s and 90s.
The head library authority of the university Dr Ajay Sahani admits the same concern of students and says that most of the books had been in the library for over a decade. Moreover, she adds that the process of seeking approval for a budget to buy the new version of books is still pending, they have informed the officials about it several times and every time it is being delayed.
We hope that the issue regarding the availability of books resolves soon and students make the best of their available services.

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