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New symptoms of coronavirus you should watch out for

New symptoms of coronavirus you should watch out for


As the second wave of the pandemic washes over India on a much larger scale, we are now seeing new symptoms associated with the spreading infection.

The second wave of the pandemic has hit India harder than the rest of the world where the caseload has considerably increased in just a short period of time.

In just 24 hours, India has recorded 1,15.736 active cases of coronavirus infection which is the highest daily case recorded in a single day.

The most affected state is Maharashtra with 55,000 cases, followed by Chattisgarh with an increase of 9,921 cases. Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi are also hit hard with over 5,000 reported cases.

According to the experts, the second wave of coronavirus is much more severe in comparison to the first one. It’s more infectious than the first.


The central government has also said that the next four weeks are “critical” to control the pandemic in India and precautions and measures must be taken to curb its spread.

Now with the second wave of coronavirus, people are reporting modified symptoms. The usual symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, body ache, loss of smell and taste, chills, breathlessness.

But the new and emerging symptoms are pink eyes, gastronomical conditions, and hearing impairment and one should not take it lightly.

Gastrointestinal Symptoms: The

COVID infection impacts the respiratory system. But according to a new study, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, nausea, and pain can also be signs of coronavirus. So, if you are showing any digestive trouble, you should get yourself tested.

Pink Eyes: Pink eye or conjunctivitis is also a sign of coronavirus infection, as per a Chinese study. People are developing redness, swelling in their eyes causing them to be watery. The new strain of coronavirus is causing this symptom according to the study.

Hearing impairment: If you are hearing a ringing noise in your ear or if your hearing seems a little impaired, then it could be a sign of coronavirus. A study published in the International Journal of Audiology said that the COVID-19 infection can lead to auditory problems.

Don’t take any of these symptoms lightly, and if you notice these symptoms, then it’s imperative that you get yourself tested as soon as possible.

The rising caseload means that the chances of infection are higher, so you must follow proper measures to ensure that you stay safe and don’t contribute to the spread of COVID infection.

Wear masks at all times and maintain social distancing if you are out in public. And if you show any of the symptoms of coronavirus, get yourself isolated immediately and get yourself tested as soon as possible.


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