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Myntra Logo Controversy and the meme fest that followed

Myntra Logo Controversy and the meme fest that followed

Usually, brands try to maintain their uniformity, not changing their taglines or logo but in the last few days, following a controversy, Myntra has changed their logo.

The reason for a logo change is usually to keep up with times and changing the overall visual aesthetic appearance, but in this case, the reason was a lot different. After getting a complaint filed about their logo being ‘offensive’ to women, which led to Myntra changing their logo.

Ekta Naaz, founder-director of Avesta Foundation filed a complaint with the Mumbai Police’s Cyber Crime department in December 2020. She claimed that “the deliberate placement of the color scheme of the letter M in the logo was obscene to the eyes of any person of normal prudence.”

After the complaint was filed, Mumbai Police officials met Myntra representatives where they agreed to change their logo. After the meeting, the Myntra representatives said, “Persuant to our meeting, we wish to inform you that we have decided to revise the Myntra Logo”. They also added that their new logo will appear on their packaging and marketing material after exhausting the old inventory across India.

She also posted on multiple forums about Myntra’s logo being offensive which stirred up certain controversy and a fair share of memes. Some understood the reasons and others decided to poke fun at it.

Apart from netizens, other brands also took to social media to make fun of this trending topic.

So, what do you think of this controversy? Do you also find the old Myntra logo offensive? Are you in favor of this change or do you think this matter was blown out of proportion?