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Cabin crew by profession & food blogger by love

Jithin Nair

JITHIN NAIR has completed with the Diploma in aviation from frankfinn institute for cabin crew. Also completed graduation BSC in computer science! Now preparing for the interviews for cabin crew.

“thefoodieindori – Food is my love !!” says Jithin Nair!

“I just love to explore new stuffs and wanted to explore all over the world !!
Or else u can say Part Time Food Blogger !”

Food Blogging is not difficult but needs passion and dedication and also the intelligence of using the right adjective for the dish and Jithin Nair is successful in doing that. the passion of exploring new dishes and new places made him a food blogger and when asked what made him open a new account and start blogging!?
His Reply ” That moment when my friends are blocking me from their account because i used to post food pics in my personal account so everyone got mad because of me ! “

This might be little embarrassing but he took this in a positive way and started his new account and also starting reviewing the dishes on Zomato App and now is on Level 7.

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Next question asked to Jithin was “Any difficulties..?”
“As such, I didn’t face any struggles however I managed my time that’s it or yeah handled my family too because they keep on scolding me why this food Blogging so that’s it.”

Jithin also added that he has been associated with a Food Blogger Association and they do have regular meets and celebrate Food

It’s my hobby so just playing with it !!

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