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Is it again Iran behind the oil tanker attacks in the Persian Gulf?

Attacks on Oil tankers in Persian Gulf

According to sources, it was probably Iran, but if it was a “False Flag” operation, that would be more frightening.

It is being sourced that Iran is behind the attacks on the 4 oil tankers in the Gulf last month and the other 3 on June 13. If Iranian is behind this, what is their motive?

If we suppose to say it is Iran, the motive is quite obvious behind this attack and the others too. Iran is simply reminding the United States of America that these attacks might have been not the exact kind of war but these tankers are the one-third of the world’s internationally traded oil through the Strait of Hormuz. Knowing that the US has tightened the sanctions last month in an attempt to destroy all of Iran’s foreign trade, which includes the oil exports which for Iran is it’s economy’s lifeblood. Seeing this behavior of the US, Iran thereby declared that if there is no export of oil from Iran, no other Gulf country would be allowed to export theirs. Not Confirmed but maybe the current pinprick attacks on the tankers are just a general warning not to push Iran too hard and also not to think that Iran is less than any other Gulf country.

The opposite hypothesis — that the attacks are a ‘false flag’ operation — is much more frightening, because it would mean somebody is really trying to start a war.

Who would be flying the ‘false flag’?

The countries that would surely want this war up can be Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the two countries that are doing their best to make happen the US – Iran get started; not only these countries but prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, would also have love to sit and watch the war scene of Us attack Iran, but one doubts that Israel’s de facto Arab allies would want Israeli special forces operating on their territory.

Here comes the next part of the story. All the six tankers that were attacked sailed from ports in Saudi Arabia or the UAE. The attacks have all reportedly been carried out using limpet mines, which cling to ships’ hulls by magnetic force but have to be placed by hand. That means they were probably placed while the ships were in port.

Limpet mines are generally fitted with ‘anti-handling devices’

Limpet mines explode when you try to remove them.

The question here stops at, that how are these mines fitted inside the ships even when this thing has happened in the near future frequently.

What’s making them create more security visions; If it is a Saudi and UAE false-flag operation, with or without the tacit collaboration of Bolton and Pompeo, then the region is really headed for war.

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