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Game company plays the pricing game!!

Game Company plays the pricing game

The PS5 Could Cost More Than Rs 55,000 But The Company May Sell It At A Loss To Stay Competitive.

We know a bit about the looming PlayStation 5 but new rumors implying that Sony’s next console won’t come low tariff. The same can be said about Microsoft’s Project Scarlett console as we now know about its basic specs. Do keep in mind that this all based on rumors so take this advice with a pinch of salt.

The rumors about the new raise consoles are gearing up where some are authentic and some not so much.

One of the rumors gets us to know that the next console will worth $800 (~ Rs 55,000) retail. The rumors come based on the specifications we know about so far.

Consoles from both associations will come with fixed SSDs, a GPU based on AMD’s Navi architecture and custom processors. The specifications itself does warrant a price tag of $800 however it seems highly strange that Sony or Microsoft would price their console so high. There is a chance that the current trade war between the U.S. and China may impact the prices however it still seems highly rare that it will hit the $800 mark. It is worthy to note that this just the U.S. price and we could expect a significantly higher price in India if the rumor becomes a reality. There is a good chance that both Sony and Microsoft may sell their consoles at a loss in order to sell at a competitive price. In the past, we’ve seen both Sony and Microsoft suffer in sale numbers due to high pricing that was eventually corrected due to fan backlash. Sony and Xbox could recover the additional cost from software sales i.e. games. Both companies make money from video games that either published from first party studios or third-party studios. Both associations are also investing heavily in subscription services that could also contribute to recovering the hardware cost. Either way, we will see consoles priced anywhere between $400 – $500 at launch from both Sony and Microsoft in order to capture a bigger install base.

As of now, we can only figure out about the prices of the consoles from both associations but it seems like those services are going to be the next big thing. We will only the final price of the consoles once they are announced and made official.

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