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Alexa is now getting smarter.

Alexa is in hindi now

When it comes to gadgets with built-in voice assistants, Amazon Alexa becomes the right voice assistant to interact with you and your family. It’s been almost two years after Amazon has introduced its Alexa voice assistant in India, the Seattle-based company adds the much-needed support for the Hindi language as well as Hinglish to the device.
Listening to music is one of the most popular features on Alexa. Users of Amazon Echo and other Alexa built-in devices love the convenience of asking Alexa for music with simple voice commands. In addition to this Amazon Echo lineup users in the country will now be able to set up Hindi as their default language. Alexa can now understand the Hindi or Hinglish slang of its users in various contexts as well as varied dialects and accents.
The company says “We look forward to Alexa delighting our Hindi-speaking customers and working with developers in India to invent many more Hindi skills”. The users just have to swipe the top of the screen & the language settings option will be there. The speakers possess artificial intelligence, which conducts basic conversations, and are hooked up to the internet, which allows them to look stuff up and do things for you.
Now you can ask Alexa to “play Bollywood ke latest gane “, or “cricket score batao”. The device is ready to cater its customers in diverse Hindi content such as jokes, shayaris, games, Kabir ke dohe, Panchatantra stories, Bollywood dialogues, and even spellings of words in Hindi.
Thousands of developers have worked towards building Alexa skills with a Hindi flavour. Undoubtedly, we can say that Amazon offers the best options in Echo smart speakers or smart display. And also the company never go off a chance to amuse us!

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