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68% of Gaza’s school kids suffer from psychological distress

68% of Gaza's school kids suffer from psychological distress



Norwegian Refuse Council(NRC) found that 68% of Gaza school, children living in nearby areas have clear indications of psycho-social distress.

The report was published one year since the start of the “March of Return”. Mass protest along the fence said that the distress is a result of such protests, as well as the daily violence and attacks that the children witness. Many people said they were most severely affected by the sounds of nearby explosions and media images of conflict in Gaza, according to the report.

NRC’s Palestine Country Director Kate O’Rourke said that The children witness the violence daily, including the loss of loved ones, has left an entire generation emotionally damaged. It takes years of work with these children to undo the impact of trauma and restore their sense of hope for the future.
children said they had no hope for a brighter future. The study also revealed that a staggering 81% of children struggle academically due to conflict-related stress.

NRC interviewed 300 schoolchildren, aged 10 to 16 years from 30 schools, mostly located in areas close to the Israeli perimeter fence, in October and again in December. The report comes out that Israeli forces killed 34 children in the context of the March of Return during the nine months between April and December.

The report says Thirty-two died from live ammunition or bullet fragments and two died from direct hits to the head from gas canisters while 1,642 children got injured from live ammunition, bullet fragments or shrapnel, rubber-coated metal bullets and direct tear gas canister hit.

Some of the Palestinians children say that they have heard bombing or explosions, and some say bombing and injured Gazans on TV, while some actually did say the bombing, someone said that they knew the people who were injured or lost their house.

A report from Jerusalem’s Herzog Memorial Hospital, published by Israel Centre, says that around 40% of the children residing closest to Gaza suffer from symptoms of anxiety, fear, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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