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5 Womens Arrested for Allegedly Trapping the High Ranked Officials.


The city corps arrests 5 women’s against the charge of honey trapping high-profile individuals like ministers, politicians and bureaucrats continue to insist that they are homemakers, but are making contradictory statements during interrogation. They claimed that some people assured them to carry out transfers, postings and other benefits to candidates the accused women have projected. It was quite shocking to note how these women have a grip over the system and are exploiting it.
The ATS officers have brought a few names of some high-profile individuals who are also suspected to have been duped by the honeytrap ring, but could not dig out detailed information. Police corps are carrying their investigation to find out if any spy software was used to secretly shoot the videos. They are also investigating if more girls were involved in the same. Police are inspecting their bank accounts to know if any monetary benefit is involved.
The local court sends three suspect arrests from Bhopal – Shweta Jain, Barkha Soni and another Shweta Jain under judicial custody for seven days. IMC is executing the case and suspects more victim to be a part of this honey trap.
SSP Mishra claims that nothing more could be revealed at this moment “Electronic gadgets seized from the accused are being forensically examined to ascertain details about their contact and other things. We hope that the case resolve soon and police find the essentials at earliest.

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