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Fall Fashion Trends – What you should include in your wardrobe

Fall Fashion Trends

Fall Fashion Trends – What you should include in your wardrobe

Summer has come to an end officially and fall is upon us. And it’s time to switch our sleeveless tops and shorts for a little more cozy and warm pieces, like sweaters, cardigans, and actual pants. Quarantine had us locked up and miss out on all the summer trends but now that everything is opening up and this year’s super fun fall trends are here, you’re going to have plenty to look forward to.

What’s best is that you don’t even have to put away your whole summer wardrobe just yet. You can use those as layering items to give your outfits a little pizzaz. So, let’s get on in the action and see what the cool kids are wearing this fall!

1) Leather isn’t going anywhere
It was a big staple piece last Winter and it’s still going strong! But this time, the looks are more 90’s blazer-inspired leather jackets. Wear them with some leather pants, so you are following the most coveted look of this fall! More is more in this case!

2) Fringe, everywhere
This fall, our favourite basics are going up a notch with the addition of fringe details on them. Be it on a denim jacket or a pair of pants, or even your leather jackets, fringe is adding a pop of fun to every piece of garment you own!

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3) Punky Plaids
The 90’s punky plaid prints are back and in every form, you can imagine! From plaid pleated skirts to pants, and dresses, these will make you feel like the coolest person ever! Which one are you the most excited to try out? Ours is probably those pleated skirts!

4) Collars peeking out
The bigger, the better! Pair some collared shirt with your favourite sweatshirt and wear it with some pleated skirt and you have got the hottest look that’s dominating the IG presently! Fall Fashion Trends If the temperature is on the lower side, you can wear your tights with your outfit to keep your legs warm!

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5) Big Fur Energy
There’s no piece that will make you feel more refined than wearing the warm and cozy fur. Give off Cruella DeVille vibe but in the best way possible; wearing faux fur! Feel like a rich, bougie version of yourself by donning on a fur-adorned piece of your choosing!

6) Vests are huge!
Those sleeveless vest your grandpa used to wear are so in at the moment! You can see it everywhere, worn by themselves or over a shirt or a t-shirt. No matter your choice of outfits, from fitted vests to baggier ones, you have it all this season!

These are all the major trends we have got for you to show off your fashion-forward styles.

Let us know which trends have you seen the most and which trends you are the most excited about? Is there anything else you would like to add to this list or are there pieces you would never include in your wardrobe?