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Its Never too Late to be an Entreprenuer!!

Latika Chakravorty, 89 years old women born in Dhubri, Assam who believed in the concept of ‘reuse’ and not just throwing things away. Her hobbies were to collect unique pieces of cloths, and she ended up collecting beautiful sarees and fabrics.

She first used her collections to sew dresses and sweaters for her children, and ended up sewing Potli bags just for her family. Later she turned her talent, of sewing Potli bags, into a business idea. The world appreciates her skills and thus she names the Potlis as Latika’s Bags.

She is just an ordinary woman who believed in a disciplined life, thus she every day wakes up at 5 AM and follow the same routine every day. She spends 2-3 hours stitching and writing, for her this is what love all about.

In the hard days of partition and wars, housewives like her used to clothe children with home-made dressed and woolens. Years after when her three children grew up, she started making dolls. Few years back one day her daughter-in-law asked her to make a Potli Bag for her. That was the time she realized her natural talent and making Potli Bags.

She sewed by the machine which was gifted by her husband shri Krishna Lal Chakravorty. She says that she sees the love and affection he had for her when she look at her machine.

She has maintained that machine since 64 years with all her heart. Her husband passed 38 years ago and every single time she look at the machine it reminded of him.

Gradually her friends and family saw and appreciated her for her talent and started gifting her Potli Bags for birthdays and other occasions. Once a German saw me making these Potlis, and he felt that she should have an online presence, and he created the website. Later her Grandchildren and family members spread the word through Twitter, facebook and Instagram. Her daughter-in-law Sumita helped her in creating bags, and her son handles the business part.

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